Product variants in business documents

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This article explains how to specify product variants when adding products to a business document.

For basic information on product variants, see Product variants catalog.

Selecting product variants

When you add a product to a business document (such as sales order), you might also want to specify its variant. To do it, double-click the Variant field in the document and click dots.png. Then, in the Product variants window, locate a required product variant in the variant list, click it, and click Select.

However, if a product has dozens of variants based on multiple additional attributes, navigating through the variant list takes time and effort. To find a variant faster, you can filter the variant list by specifying required values of certain additional attributes. For example, if you have a shirt that has multiple sizes and colors, set color to Red to display only red-colored shirt variants.

If no variants are found to match the filters, click Create to create a variant based on the current combination of filters.

An alternate way to quickly find a variant is to enter part of its name into the Search field above the variant list. This also works for products that have variants not based on any additional attributes.

Managing variant templates

When selecting variants for a product in a business document, it is sometimes desirable to set a fixed sequence in which additional attributes are specified. For example, if you create a sales order for a shirt that has multiple sizes, colors, and materials, you might want to make sure that size (the most crucial parameter) is selected first, material next, and color last.

This sequence is stored in a variant template.

Variant templates are assigned to product categories, not to products. Once you create a variant template for a product category, you can assign it to any products belonging to this category.

Creating variant templates

To create a variant template:

  1. Go to Company.
  2. Under Enterprise, click All catalogs.
  3. Under Products, click Product categories.
  4. Double-click a product category that has variants enabled (the Variants checkbox is selected in the product category's card).
  5. In the product category card, click the Variant templates link.
  6. Specify Description for the template.
  7. Specify the additional attributes:
    • To automatically fill in all additional attributes available for the product category, click Fill in.
    • To add additional attributes manually, click Add and fill in the attribute details.
  8. Assign sequential numbers to all additional attributes in the list. This determines the order in which the additional attributes are specified in business documents.
    Note. The additional attributes that are not added to the list are treated as if they have sequential number 99, meaning they are specified after all additional attributes that are in the list.
  9. Click Save and close.

Applying variant templates

To apply a variant template to a product:

  1. Go to Sales.
  2. Under Catalogs, click Products.
  3. Double-click a product that has variants enabled (the Variants checkbox is selected in the product card).
  4. In the product card, open the Additional data tab.
  5. Specify Variant template.
  6. Click Save and close.

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